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BASED IN THE MIDLANDS...available nationally


Live Streaming / Filming from £285.00


Family Home Through to Wake - Any Place, Anywhere

Over 260 Funerals livestreamed NATIONALLY during covid times


Crematorium : Grave Side : Places of Worship : Wakes : Family Homes

In a digital age where technology is reshaping every aspect of our lives, it's no surprise that it is now making its way into the funeral industry. The rise of funeral live streaming is revolutionizing the way we grieve and memorialize our loved ones. With a simple click of a button, families and friends can now participate in a funeral service from anywhere in the world, bridging the gap between distance and mourning


This emerging trend is driven by the need to adapt to modern times and the desire to include as many people as possible in the final farewell. Funeral live streaming allows those who are unable to attend in person, whether due to physical distance or health restrictions, to still be a part of the mourning process. It also provides a sense of closure and solace to those who are unable to say their goodbyes in person


Although this digital innovation may seem unconventional at first, it has quickly gained recognition for its ability to connect people during difficult times. As we continue to embrace the digital era, funeral live streaming is bridging the gap between physical and virtual worlds, bringing comfort to grieving hearts
Peter has filmed and livestreamed many funerals and memorial services
He can webcast and livestream, without WiFi and mains power, so can livestream from house, through service to graveside if required
Peter sets up a private web page, which is where he then livestreams to, so viewers do not need to be present to be a part of the memorial celebrations
The web page can have up to 10 photos on it and can be forwarded to anyone around the world with internet access.  They will be able to view the memorial / funeral service, right on their computer, Smart phone, Smart TV, iPad etc
Afterwards, the video recorded is slightly edited and put back onto the web page so it can be viewed and also downloaded on to a computer so that it can be kept and viewed later...all this from a venue anywhere in the UK
The services that Peter offers for livestreaming is available nationally.  Peter is a full time videographer and also a Livestream expert